Rent Bavaria Yacht in Phuket

Rent a motorboat with a captain in Phuket. Comfortable walk with friends and family at sea in Phuket.
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Information about this boat:

  • 1 person crew
  • Capacity 10 people
  • 1 cabin
  • 3 beds
  • spacious lounge
  • shower and toilet
  • fishing gear
  • fuel capacity
  • powerful engine
  • speed up to 55 km/h
The cost of renting a boat: from 2000 bath per hour + gasoline



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Going to sea
Rent a yacht or a boat of your dreams and give yourself and your family an unforgettable vacation on the water.
Rent Yacht Bavaria in Phuket, Thailand you can pay by the hour (minimum 2 hours) or rent boat in Phuket full day.
Boat services for:
  • Walks on the water area
  • Fishing
  • Holidays in the Islands
  • Water taxi

Boat rental costs in Phuket and Samui 2000 per hour + gasoline (about 30 liters per hour). Ordering a minimum of 2 hours! We have our own fleet of boats and yachts. We offer the most favorable prices for boat rent in Phuket and Samui. The marina is located near Phuket, Thailand. Khao Phra Thaer National Park. This is Phuket's last significant stand of virgin rain forest. Spend a morning or evening taking a leisurely walk up along the waterfall, or, if you want to spend the day walking in the quiet majesty of a tropical forest, there's an eight-kilometre hike which wends right through the park. Guides are available, and there is a small museum and information centre located near the bottom of the falls. Much of the forest's wildlife tends to stay out of sight, but hunker down and stay still for a while and you'll soon hear the telltale sounds of all sorts of animal activity. If you're lucky, you may even be treated to the sight of one or more of the forest's unusual creatures. Butterfly Garden and Aquarium This large open-air enclosure, landscaped with waterfalls, houses thousands of vivid butterflies amid lush greenery. Explanations of the fascinating life cycle of butterflies and tours of butterfly breeding rooms are included in the display. The tropical aquarium is among the finest anywhere, the tanks "landscaped" with live coral gardens. Follow the signs from the intersection of Patong Road and the airport bypass road. Open Daily 9.00am-5.00pm. Thai Temples Wat Chalong, one of the biggest temples on the islands, is an important part of Phuket history. In Thalang, Phuket's first capital, Wat Phra Thong (Golden Buddha Temple) and Wat Phranangsang (Built-by-a-Royal-Lady Temple) are worth a visit. Wat Phra Thong has a large Buddha image protruding from its chest up from the temple floor. According to legend, those who try to dig it up will die. An English guidebook is available. Wat Phranangsang is Phuket's second oldest temple and figures in Phuket's early history as the rallying point for the island's two heroines in the war against the Burmese. It's also called the "Temple of the White Blood" -- find out why from amulet seller, Khun Santi. Old Chinatown The inner heart of Phuket Town is for the most part a "Chinatown". Walking is the only way to appreciate fully outstanding examples of the local Chinese heritage Look for the fine latticework, colourful ceramic tiles and other traditional design elements in the rowhouse facades along Krabi-Thalang Road and Dibuk. Sino-Portuguese mansions can also be found throughout the town. One fine example stands diagonally opposite the Merlin Hotel on the Mae Luan-Yaowaraj intersection. Also look for the mansions in the Lord Mayor's compound on Thepkatsatree Road (not open to the public). Naga Pearl Farm This well-known island pearl farm welcomes visitors with a daily pearl culturing demonstration and pleasant bungalows for overnight stays. They offer a restaurant, windsurfing, sailboats, swimming and simple relaxation on a pleasant tropical beach. Open 9.00am-3.30pm daily. Pearl-extraction show at 11.00am. Tel: 213 723. Sea Gypsy Village ( Rawai) It is better to give this "attraction" a miss. Unfortunately, what might have been a healthy community of Chao Le, or sea nomads, has been largely turned into a squalid human zoo. Don't contribute to the degradation of these once-proud people. (If you go a couple of hundreds miles to the north, among the islands off the coast of Burma, long closed to visitors, you can still find unspoiled sea nomad communities living in the old way).

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Yacht Haven Marina: 141/2 Yacht Heaven Marina ไม้ขาว Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand
Koh Yang Marina
Anchorage on Ko Lipe in the Butang Archipelago
Anchorage at Nakha Noi Island is eight miles from Yacht Haven Marina.