Yacht LAGOON 440 for rent in Pattaya

Embark on a journey of opulence and exploration as you delve into the world of yacht rentals in Pattaya, Thailand. The Gulf of Thailand's sparkling waters, coupled with Pattaya's vibrant coastal charm, provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable yachting experience. But with an array of options to choose from, the question arises: which yacht is the epitome of luxury and comfort for your Pattaya escapade? Let's navigate through the options to help you make the most informed choice.
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Information about this boat:

  • crew of 3 person
  • capacity of 15 people
  • 2 cabin
  • 4 beds
  • spacious interior
  • shower and toilet
  • fishing gear
  • fuel reserve
  • powerful engine
  • speed up to 15 km/h
Cost of boat rental: from 32000 baht per full day



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Going to sea
Rent a yacht or a boat of your dreams and give yourself and your family an unforgettable vacation on the water.
Rent yacht Pattaya LAGOON 440 for the whole day or for a couple of hours is a comfortable outing with friends and family on vacation. Choosing the perfect yacht in Pattaya is an integral part of curating a remarkable maritime experience. Whether you seek classic elegance, thrilling adventures, intimate moments, or ultimate extravagance, Pattaya's yacht rentals offer a vessel to match your desires. Embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary and creates memories that will linger long after the anchor drops. The sea beckons – which yacht will you choose to set sail into the lap of luxury in Pattaya?
Boat services for:
  • Swim in the water area
  • Sea fishing
  • Boat taxi in the Islands
  • Marine cab

Boat rental cost in Pattaya 9000 baht per day. We offer quality services. This guarantees a calm and safe vacation at sea. Yacht charter in Thailand in 2024 is an affordable and in demand service. The west coast and Phuket Island form a unique sea territory with paradise bays, cliffs, stunning mountain peaks, tropical islands and the highest quality service on our boat.

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Addresses of yacht clubs:

Yacht Haven Marina: 141/2 Yacht Heaven Marina ไม้ขาว Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand
Koh Yang Marina
Anchorage on Ko Lipe in the Butang Archipelago
Anchorage at Nakha Noi Island is eight miles from Yacht Haven Marina.